activate jio sim using jio pos plus

Step By Steps To Activate Jio SIM Using Jio Pos Plus App

We know the app for Jio retailers called Jio pos plus. And the Jio pos plus is the multi purpose app for the retailers. this app is used to recharge all kind of Jio offers, Jio SIM card activation, Aadhar card linking and many more. Here in this solution category post, we are going to show you the step by step to activate jio sim using Jio pos plus app. Just follow the simple steps to activate new Jio SIM card for your customer.

activate jio sim using jio pos plus

Jio SIM Activation Via Jio Pos Plus

First, Log in to the Jio Pos Plus app with PRM ID and password. You cannot login with your Jio ID or Jio Number since the PRM ID is given by the Jio for the retailers at the time of registration as login credential for Jio Pos Plus. Jio Pos plus is extremely for Jio retailers, and this is not substitute for MyJio android app.

After login t the app, Now scan the QR code that you can find in the cover or pouch of the Jio SIM Card.

And then go to the menu and please select Jio Aadhar eKYC option. when you have chose this option, a drop down menu will appear and in it you will find two options “JIO PHONE” and “MOBILITY”

select “MOBILITY” from the menu and tap done button.

When you have done, the app will redirected to another page. Enter the Jio number to be activated (which you can see in the pouch/cover of the Jio SIM)

In this activation page , you can give any of the mobile number, QR Code scan or EAN/ORN number which you can find in the pouch.

When you have completed the above step, now you will get redirected to the page where you can enter the identity credential. Give aadhar nubmer or any other ID number in correct. Below that “I AGREE & CAPTURE”

After this, next step is Finger print identification, Just Keep the thump in the pad when the finger print identification box appear in the app. Just keep, the thump continuously to get complete capture, and after capturing the thump impression eKYC validation will run and produce a pdf file during the process.

And after giving the aadhar details, you will get message “Agent aadhar eKYS submitted successfully”

You will get box again to enter identity card details like aadhar card or any other identity card number after this.

Give Personal Details Carefully

Fill the fields like

  • Name of the customer
  • Date Of Birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Father Name
  • Alternate Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Address

and tap next button.

Then you have to enter the new Jio SIM card details, fill these boxes very carefully. In the boxes, you can find the fields like




After this, tap the next Button to enter next stage.

Next, the Offer activation phase, where the first Jio Recharge offer done for the Jio Customer.

Just select the plan and voucher, and with the Jio Coupon code. Then after selecting the plan again scan QR Code seen in the pouch of the Jio SIM

and then accept all term and conditions & then enter ICCID Number of the SIM which is a five digit number. and give “I AGREE & CAPTURE” and tap button.

Now again finger print identification, and you will get the message “CUSTOMER AUTHORIZATION SUCCESS”.

A pdf file will generated. Then upload the file (which contains all the details given in the Jio SIM card activation process using Jio pos plus app). And will get the payment page. and do recharge complete.

Now you have successfully completed Jio sim card activation using Jio Pos Plus along with Jio plan activated.

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