best airtel apn settings for high speed internet

Best Airtel APN Settings For High Speed Internet [2023]

If you are an airtel user and want a high-speed internet experience? This is the perfect post for you. Here, I am providing how to set the best Airtel APN settings for high speed internet. This is the tested procedure on Airtel APN settings that were set on android and iOS devices and got improved internet speed.

If you are using a 4G VoLTE smartphone, then the best APN airtel settings should be set. This is just a little bit different from default airtel APN settings.

Best Airtel APN Settings For High Speed Internet

APN NameAirtel 4G
APN (Access Point Name)
Password_ or
MMS Proxy_
MMS Port80
APN ProtocolIPV4/IPV6

How To Set The Best APN Settings for high-speed internet manually

Basically, you need not enter all the details as per the above table. instead, just go to the default APN settings and edit the fields as per the best APN for airtel that I have provided in the above table.

Now let us look at how to apply the apr settings on our android smartphone by step by step process.

  • Go to Settings on your android smartphone
  • Then select SIM card & Mobile data

sim and mobile data settings

  • Then select Airtel SIM from the list

select airtel sim

  • Then select Access point names

access point names

  • You can select the default access point to edit or can create a new airtel apn settings for high-speed internet.
  • Now add for new airtel APN settings just by tapping on “+” symbol on the interface
  • Then tap on each field and set the values as per the above given and save the airtel apn settings

add new airtel apn for fast internet

  • Activate the new set apn and enjoy high speed internet on airtel data network.

Note:- It is better to set the server field as to get high-speed internet access using the Airtel APN access point settings.

How To Set Airtel APN for iPhone

To set perfect airtel APN settings on iPhone is a little bit different from an Android smartphone.

In iOS smartphones, the perfect airtel APN settings for high-speed internet is, and we need two fields set in iOS smartphones such as MMS maximum message size and MMS UA profile URL.

Here is how to set Airtel’s best apn settings on an iOS smartphone.

  • Go to phone settings and select cellular
  • Then tap on “cellular data option” and then go to “Cellular data network”
  • Next you need to add new airtel APN settings for iPhone and select to add new APN and add the fields as per below table
MMC Proxy_
MMS Maximum Message Size1048576
MMS UA Profile URL

After setting the apn settings on your airtel iPhone, just restart your iPhone and enjoy high-speed internet.

How to restore Airtel APN settings to Default?

There will not be any issue if you have edit and set the airtel apn settings as per described above. If you are experiencing any issue on accessing the airtel internet connection, you can reset the airtel apn to default APN settings by your smartphone itself.

In order to reset airtel apn settings to default settings, go to your phone settings, and then sim card settings. Now upon selecting airtel sim card, you can see access point names. There in the top, you can see the two dot symbols. Tap on it and select reset APN. Your airtel apn will be set as the default one.


Here I am going to conclude the post best airtel apn settings for high speed internet on your android and iOS smart devices. Keep an eye on each and every prospect that describes in the airtel apn settings and configuration and enjoy super speed internet with airtel data packs. If you have any issues regarding setting and configuring airtel apn, please ask your queries Via our comment box below.

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