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How To Connect To JioNet Portal Public WiFi Hotspot

We know that Reliance Jio have their own public WiFi hotspots across india where the Jio users can make use of them to connect to internet. Need only Just Jio Membership, Jio user id and password to get connect using smartphone and other portable device. Just need to install Jionet app to search and connect to the available nearest public wifi Jio hotspot. Here is the step by step to connect to jionet public wifi hotspot easily. You can enjoy unlimited data while you connect to Jionet portal public hotspot using jionet app, with high speed data.

connect to jionet public wifi hotspot

How to connect to Jionet public wifi hotspot (Jionet portal)

First of all, you need to download and install Jionet app on your device. You just need to have Jio account to sign in with the jionet app. If you have already inserted Jio SIM in the device, the app will automatically signed in, otherwise, you need to sign in with your Jio id and password, that you have used in any other Jio apps like Myjio etc.

After installing the jionet, the app will prompt you to add connection to the nearest wifi hotspot available.

How Jionet show you the nearest hotspot available.? By accessing your location, the app will find the nearest all available jio wifi hotspot in the map.

To find the nearest wifi hotspot, just go to the menu section of Jionet app, and then hit find nearest hostspot.

after hitting the option, a map will appear in the interface and will show you all the available public wifi hotspot there. you can navigate to the nearest one according to your wish. There are thousands of public wifi hotspot placed by Reliance Jio group exclusively for their users.

jionet hotspot connect


In Simple:

Install Jionet app—>Open JioNet app—>sign in with Jio id and password—>go to menu option—>find nearest hostspots—>select and then connect

Note: Make sure, you need to check your wifi connection while making connection with Jionet wifi hotspot.


All those public hotspots are located in the different parts of countries, like cities, malls, coffee shops etc.

Enable GPS To get accurate locations

One of the important thing while you are searching the Jio public wifi hotspot is to enable the GPS on to get the exact location of public hotspot. You can make use of “find nearest hotspot” option in jionet app as you have data connection to get the spot locations from the map.

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