save or download songs from Jio music app

How To Save Or Download Songs From Jio Music App

Jio Music is the app for Jio SIM users to enjoy online streaming of songs free. This online streaming app exclusively for Jio users with millions of high quality songs in the library. If you want just to stream the songs or can be download or save the songs from Jio music app to your smartphone or device. Here is the steps to how to download or save songs from Jio music app. No need any extra Jio recharge to enjoy the streaming of music using Jiomusic app.

save or download songs from Jio music app

It is easy to download songs from Jio music apk to our smartphone memory space. Jiomusic app (JioSaavn app) is specifically developed and designed to save the songs from their online library just a single tap/touch away from the app interface.

How to save or download songs from Jio Music app in Just single tap (Jio Music is Now JioSaavn)

First of all you need to select the song you wish to download and play it on the app. While it playing, and the app interface have all the control access for the users. To pause, next song, previous song etc. along with this, you can see some more other options just above the control. You can see, set as jio tune option or button, left of that option, you can see a download icon. Just tap on the icon, your playing song will be downloaded in to the internal storage of your smartphone.

A small notification will be visible there after your song download from Jio music app. You can play the song anytime by accessing the song from the download folder.

Where to find the downloaded songs in your smartphone internal storage?

Many users know how to download song from Jio music app but they don’t know, where the songs downloaded located in the internal storage of smartphone. Jio music only notify the song downloaded and not give the access path. You can find the downloaded songs access at folder.


Access path:

  1. Go to file manager
  2. go to android
  3. then Data
  5. files
  6. songs

In simple access the downloaded stuff using Jio music using the access pathe at.

File Manger/ Android/Data/

Now enjoy the favorite downloaded songs even if you are offline.

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