fix Jio4GVoice Offline problem

How To Fix Jio4GVoice Offline Problem? Solved 2021

Experiencing Jio4GVoice Offline problem? I am here in this post show you the solution to fix JioCall app offline error when connected with JioFi wireless router.Many Jio4GVoice android Users are getting very complicated problem with Jio4GVoice app while making Video and Voice call with Jio4GVoice app. The problem is getting the app offline.

Here is the step by step procedures to fix Jio4GVoice offline problem with some simple tweaks. There may be a lot of reason while experiencing this terrible error during using the app. The main reason may be due to the network problem.

fix Jio4GVoice Offline problemTo ensure the best experience with the HD Video and voice calling, you need to download JioCall APK latest version. why we are recommending you to this?. Because the updated version is more stable and free from technical bugs.

You can experience this type of issue even if you are using Jio4GVoice in 2G or 3G smartphones with the help of JioFi modem. We are covering the solution for that type of issue in this page.

Fix Jio4GVoice Offline Problem

Restart Jio4GVoice App

Just go settings, and select installed apps, select Jio4GVoice, and then select force stop.

And then just start the Jio4gvoice app by tap on the icon, then Jio4gvoice will be online.

Update Jio4GVoice App

To fix the issue, you need to update your Jio4GVoice app to the latest version. You can uninstall Jio4GVoice app or can be update the app through MyJio apk or play store. After Updating to the latest version, now connect to the call. If there is issue related to the app, that will be resolved by this.

If not fixed by the above step, follow this step.

Insert Jio SIM On VoLTE (4G) Slot

Switch off your android smartphone. Remove Jio SIM. Then insert to the slot. Make sure to insert the Jio SIM to the slot one of the smartphone. This is very important. Most of the mobile companies make slot 1 to be VoLTE Enabled.

Switch on your smartphone. Then go to the settings page, search networks manually. After search complete, select Jio 4G from the list. Turn on Mobile data. and try to connect to the network, your problem will be fixed.

Check signal strength on JioFi Device.

Signal strength indicator is shown in red color, then there is bad signal strength. Keep the device on other place where signal indicator showing in “Green” colored.

Check Jio APN Settings On Jiofi local web admin

Check your Jio APN settings and configuration. If not properly configured, you will get Jio4Gvoice offline error. You have to check APN settings on http://jiofi.local.html web admin dashboard.

If you are using Jio4GVoice on 2G or 3G smartphone and trying to connect with the JioFi. make sure to connect to the network by dialing 1900 890 1977. You can get tele verification and connect to solve the issue.

Here we have the best solution for Jio4GVoice not connected issue. Try these steps and you will be recovered from the problem. Share this tip on social media. You can watch the solution from the video here we are posting.

Alternative Solution

Try to connect to GPS by Jio4GVoice. Try this

go to the setting–> installed app —> jio 4g voice app–> permission manager—> allow GPS

Hope this will help you to fix JioCall/Jio4gvoice offline problem. If this post was helpful, please share on social media.


Above methods to fix JioCall offline errors are we have manually tested and solved process. If you have any other method to solve the problem, you can comment here inbox or sent us Via our contact form. We will update the post with your credit. We ope this post helps you.:)

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