how to check jio mobile number

How To Check Jio Mobile Number Of Your Own

You don’t know your Jio number of Jio SIM inserted on your Mobile phone and have no minimum balance to call on other phone to check the number? Do not worry, here in this post, I am going to show you different methods on check Jio mobile number of your own. The methods includes, checking Jio number with MyJio app, and without mobile app.

Since many of Jio USSD codes are now not working, the ussd code to check Jio mobile number is also not working now. The way finding Jio number is not a big deal. Here find out the way you can find Jio SIM card number inserted on your smartphone.

How To Check Jio Mobile Number

There are 4 different methods to find out Jio mobile number.

Check Jio Number Via MyJio App

This is one of the quickest method to check Jio number you are using on your smartphone. For this, first of all download and install MyJio app on your smartphone. Then you will be auto login with your Jio number with OTP sent by Jio. If you have already installed MyJio app on your smartphone earlier, here is the step to find the JIo number that MyJio app logged in with.

  • Open MyJio App from your smartphone
  • Then tap on the menu bar from the mobile application seen in the top right corner of the app
  • Then go to settings tab, and tap on it
  • There you can see your profile information, with your name, Jio Mobile number, Prepaid or postpaid information etc. From there find your Jio mobile number.

Check Jio Number By Sending Text Message

Like other networks , Jio does not have any Jio Number Check USSD. Anyhow, you can get it easily by simply sending SMS  to a  Toll free number. For that type “MYPLAN” from your Jio mobile number and send an SMS to 199 (Jio number check code).

Now you will get reply from Jio to your mobile number including all the details of your plan with your designated Jio mobile number. So you can get your own Jio sim number Via this text messaging method.

Get Jio number By A Voice Call Method

This is one of the quickest method to get your Jio number. For that, call your Jio customer care number at 198. Wait until the call get connected. Once the call get connected, you can directly ask them what is my Jio number? They will authenticate your details and will tell you about the Jio number details.

How to keep your Jio mobile number not forget by yourself?

I always save my mobile number with my name in my smartphone. Although there were only a small percentage of people not remembering their mobile number, so it is always better for you to save your own mobile number in your smartphone.

One another method is to note your mobile number somewhere in your diary, note etc.


Hope this post on how to check jio mobile number of your own helps you to find out your inserted JIo SIM on smartphone. If you have found any other way to find the jio number, you can comment here comment box, i will update the post by adding the solution.

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