how to enable wifi hotspot on jio phone

How To Enable WiFi Hotspot On Jio Phone

Do you know how to enable wifi hotspot on Jio phone running on Kai OS? Yes, it is not possible to use wifi hotspot on Jio phone and share data with other devices. Today, in this post, I am going to show you how to turn on wifi on Jio phone in step by step.

Many of people not buying Jio phone because of their lack of knowledge that Jio phone won’t support wifi hotspot features. But the truth is, Jio phone and all Kai OS based mobile phones have in built wifi features.

How to enable wifi hotspot on Jio Phone?

If you are a Jio phone user, You may be familiar with your mobile phone. so follow these simple steps to activate wifi hotspot on your jio phone whatever it is, jio phone 1 or jio phone 2.

In order to enable wifi hotspot on JioPhone, first of all, go to Jio phone settings. Then go to settings section on your phone settings. then turn on WiFi network. Now your Jio Phone wifi network is Turn on.

How To Join in to another WiFi hotspot In Jio phone

It is the process of connecting your Jio phone to a wifi hotspot which is protected by a username and password. If you want your Jio phone connected to any other smartphone’s WiFi network, or network by a wifi router, there is a special feature on Jio phone called “Join hidden network” where you can connect to any wifi network by SSID and password.

SSID and password of a WiFi network is the unique username and password an administrator set for that wifi network.

For example, your smartphne WiFi hotspot network have SSID and password that you have set. In common, your smartphone name is the SSID and password is the unique characters that you have set.

Now how can a Jio phone user connect to WiFi network using Join hidden network settings on Jio phone?

For that, go to phone settings, then go to wifi settings. Then select advanced wifi settings. Then go to SSID and password field.

Now enter SSID and password of the network you want to Jio phone connected. Please enter the SSID and password carefully and the connect with wifi network to enjoy high speed internet.

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