how to fix jio call ended problem

How To Fix Jio Call Ended Problem – [March 2021]

How To Fix Jio Call ended Problem? : Do you experiencing call ended problem in Jio? The issue may be due to some factors. Today in this post, I am going to share you the solutions to fix Jio call ended problem users are facing.

First of all, what does call ended problem means, if you call a person on a mobile phone working on Jio but, after some seconds it shows call ended. This means the call is no longer in progress. Either you or the person you were speaking with hung up ,or the call dropped due to poor coverage problem for you or the person you were speaking to.

One of the major problem that Jio users are facing is the call ended error problem. Which means if you are using Jio network the call ended for no reason in your phone. And now we can see how you can solve all ended problem in Jio.

How To Fix Jio Call Ended Problem

Since this problem can be caused due to several different things in different handsets. And there is no universal solution for this problem. In this post we will provide you several  possible solutions.

Restart Jio Network

Registering your Jio SIM to the network initially is the quickest way to fix the Jio call ended problem. One of the best way to register initially on Jio network is to un-mount the Jio SIM from the slot and then insert it again.

Another solution is to switch your phone into airplane or flight mode for a minute. Otherwise you can restart your phone if the problem is still exist.

Reboot Your Smartphone

Rebooting your device helps to solve almost all  problems with any smartphone or anything related to it. The reason for this is very simple because the whole operating system is started again, and if there is any bug or glitch, that will also get fixed and therefore to fix Call Ended Error in Jio when you are rebooting your device. After reboot your device and then see whether you still get an error or not.

Switch SIM Slots [Insert Jio SIM on Slot 1]

The another solution for call ended problem in Jio is to use their Jio network while the SIM Card is inserted in the slot 1.Always make sure that you want to insert your SIM in slot 1 which means if your SIM is inserted in slot 2 ,switch to the slot 1 as this solution can also fix Call Ended Problem in Jio network. If this not working to solve the call ended problem ,try removing your second SIM Card from the device for a minute and reinsert if the Call Ended Problem gets fixed.

Important: Anyway we recommend you to always insert your Jio SIM on a slot one of the smartphone since many of the smartphone have VoLTE enabled slots as the first Slot. But nowadays, almost all smartphone comes with both SiM slots are VoLTE enabled.

Install JioCall App

By simply downloading and installing the Jiocall app helps to solve many problems related to Jio Network can be fixed. The app starts placing the phone calls over the internet instead of using volte. Which might fix the Call Ended Problem in Jio.


Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding Services

Another solution for Call Ended Problem in Jio is to deactivating the call forwarding option. For Deactivate Call Forwarding option, you have to dial *402 from your Jio number. you can use ussd codes available to deactivate jio call forwarding services.


The above mentioned steps are useful for you to fix jio call ended problem. These are tested and officially got the positive results. There is no any other chance of getting jio call ended problem. If Non of the above not resolved your issue, then one of the possible reason may be temporary glitches on the Jio tower. So you need to wait some time whether the issue on Jio tower solve. One of the best way to know whether the tower and Jio signal issue is, just put your Jio SIM card on another mobile phone and check by calling. Or check another your friend’s smartphone whether he/she experiencing the same issue. If yes, you can conclude that there is issue with Jio signal or tower.

You can contact Jio customer support to know the issue with any other phone with a toll free number and notify the issue.

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