how to increase jio internet speed

8 Tips To Increase Jio Internet Speed – [2021]

Annoying with slow internet? Want to know how to increase Jio internet speed in just simple hacks. You are at the right place. Today in this post, I am going to show you how to improve Jio internet speed with simple steps.

I know nothing is more annoying when you are watching an online movie or some video and it starts buffering. Or else if your are busy with browsing your social media a image or a document is not even downloading. That will be the most hesitating situation.

How To Increase Jio Internet Speed?

The internet speed really depends upon location and how far you are from Jio network area, your handset configuration etc. Any way, we have some steps that will improve Jio net speed in mobile phone that we have tested and succeeded.

Check Jio APN Settings And configuration

We need to configure perfect Jio apn settings in order to get high speed internet with our Jio network. Check your Jio APN settings on your phone setting. You can set New Jio apn settings that configured exactly what needed to get high speed Jio data on your mobile smartphone.

Set New Jio APN

Few steps are below:

  1. Go to settings option on your phone.
  2. Visit mobile network option from settings.
  3. Go to JIO SIM settings.
  4. Click on Access Point Name or APN settings of your JIO SIM.
  5. Click on create New APN settings .

And the make sure that all the fields are as like below. If not edit and then save your Jio APN settings

Name                  : Jio APN

APN                    : Jionet

APN TYPE        : Default

PROXY              : Not set

PASSWORD     : Not set

SERVER            :

MMSC                : Not set

MMS PORT      : Not set

MCC                   : 450

MNC                   :840


APN PROTOCOL                       : IPv4/IPv6


Note: – Here in Jio APN settings, you need to consider two things, Your APN or Jio access point name should be “Jionet” and server should be set to ““, while making these server settings we will get high speed internet in our Jio SIM connection.

Insert Jio SIM On Slot 1

This is one another simple hack to improve Jio internet speed on your device. Always put your Jio SIM on SIM slot 1 of your smartphone. Though 2 slots are VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution featured). I have seen significant Jio net speed increase when i put My Jio SIM card on sim slot 1 of my mobile phone.

Make Jio SIM As default Data SIM

Jio SIM card should be default Data sim on your smartphone. This will prevent automatic data sim changes when you turn off and turn on your smartphone. Always double check default Data SIM for your smartphone as Jio SIM card.

Disable Network Permissions for apps that you no longer using

Here in this settings we are disabling network for thos applications that we are no longer using. You may install so many apps on your smartphone as craze, and forgot to uninstall those apps. Look, all those apps are in connection with data network when you turn on smartphone. All those apps come in connection with your Jio internet and using a small part. when so many apps like this under Jio internet, your over all Jio internet speed will be lowered.

So one thing that we can do is, you can uninstall all those unwanted apps from your smartphone, or just disable the apps that you are no longer needs.

How to do this?

Go to phone settings—-> SIM & mobile data—->Data usage—->Network Permissions—->Then select apps and disable network


Dual Channel Acceleration

You need to turn on Dual channel acceleration feature on your smartphone to increase Jio internet speed. So what is dual channel acceleration. This is the features that allows your smartphone use wifi and mobile data simultaneously whenever Wifi network available. Use wifi and mobile data concurrently for a smooth internet experience.

So how to enable Dual channel acceleration on your smartphone?

Go to phone settings—-> SIM & mobile data—->Data usage—>Dual Channel Acceleration—>Turn On

dual channel acceleration method to increase jio internet speed

Use Mobile signal booster or data booster applications

There are a lot of smartphone apps are available to increase mobile signals. These apps are called mobile signal booster apps. download and install mobile booster apps on your smartphone to improve Jio signals and then increase jio internet speed.

These mobile apps working on network and strengthen mobile network and improved mobile signals helps you in improving your jio sim internet connection, and improve jio net speed.

Be in place where having maximum network coverage

Mobile network signal indicator on your smartphone denotes whether the place you are on have good signal strength. These can be identified by the number of bars in the signal indicator. If have full bars on the signal indicator, there is good coverage. so you have a chance of experiencing high speed internet with your mobile phone. So keep in mind be in place where have good Jio network coverage.

Use JioFi WiFi router & Increase Jio internet fast

If you are using Jio wifi router Jiofi, it is high chance of getting high speed internet with your smartphone. Insert Jio SIM on your JioFi device, and then connect your smartphone with JioFi device. also you can place the Jiofi router in a place where getting good signal. This can be identified by the “Green” light signal on your JioFi router. Also, Jiofi device provide high strength wifi network around you, and connecting to it will massively improve your Jio internet speed.

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I have listed 8 simple tips to speed up Jio internet speed on your android smartphone and laptop. These tricks to improve Jio net speed is officially tested and found result amazingly. You can apply these to enjoy uninterrupted speed on your Jio internet.

If you found these simple tips and tricks to increase Jio internet speed, please share on social media. And if you have any tips, then please share here in comment box or our contact page, We will update the post with added value tips.