how to unlock jio sim puk code in jio phone

How To Unlock Jio SIM PUK Code In Jio Phone – Get Jio PUK

Have your Jio Phone locked by entering too many wrong phone security code attempt? Not worry, today in this post, I am going to show you how to unlock Jio SIM PUK Code in Jio Phone to unblock your Jio Phone. There are two methods of unblocking Jio SIM PUK code. One method is online and other is offline.

Jio PUK Code

A PUK known as  “Personal Unblocking Key” code is a code consisting of eight digits number. It is the security code that is needed to avoid unauthorized usage of your SIM card . This is code provided by Reliance Jio. Every Jio SIM should have a unique Jio PUK code.  This code is mainly used to unblock your SIM card, if someone enters a wrong PIN for three times, it will ask the PUK code and if this code is also wrong over ten times, the SIM card will get blocked. If a card is blocked using this PUK code, it cannot be unblocked. So only option is you have to replace it and cannot be used for any further.

How To Unlock Jio SIM PUK Code in Jio Phone –

There are mainly two methods of unblocking Jio SIM PUK code on Jio phone. Online and offline. you can chose the method where you are comfortable with. you need to get Jio PUK code from Jio support center.

Get Jio PUK Code And Unblock Jio SIM PUK Offline

  • First you need to call the tollfree number 18008899999.
  • Wait till the call get connected.
  • Choose the preferred language you want.
  • Follow the instructions to talk to Jio customer care executive.
  • Once get connected ,you can request for PUK code.
  • The representative will verify your document details like address ,fathers name etc..
  • Once your identity verified ,then they will tell your SIM card PUK code.
  • Now you can use that PUK code to unlock your mobile phone and then set four digit pin if asked.
  • After setting your four digit pin Go to your handset setting and disable PIN on the reboot option

Unlock Jio PUK Code Online

If the offline method doesn’t work properly then you can follow online method. For that first you can follow these few simple steps.

  • At first you want to open your Gmail app on your android phone or you can open the Gmail app on an IOS device.
  • Once the Gmail app get opened then click on compose and enter email id now you can message them and ask them to provide the PUK code of your mobile number.
  • Then they will ask you to send any government- issued document to verify your identity and your address.

How To Get PUK Code From Jio SIM Card Packing

It is possible to unlock the Jio phone by entering the PUK code from your Jio SIM card package. If you haven’t throw off the pack, you can find the PUK code from that pack.

The following steps can be used for getting the PUK code from sim card packaging.

  • The PUK code is printed on the plastic card holding the sim card.
  • The PUK card is mostly hidden under a scratch able area.
  •  NOW you can scratch off the area to reveal the PUK code.
  • Sign into to get the PUK code.
  • Give a call using your mobile carrier to ask for your PUK code.

How to change the PIN Code or security code of your Jio Mobile Phone

The default pin code provided by almost all the operators is either 1234 or 0000. This four digit code is not related to your mobile security , but is adds a layer of security to prevent your SIM card from unauthorized usage. It can be changed as your wish. Once you enable your four digit pin code in your mobile then pin code will be asked after rebooting your phone.

Now, if you enter the PIN code wrongly for three times then you will be asked for PUK code and after entering  wrong PUK code  for 10 times, the SIM card get blocked for permanently.

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