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How To Activate And Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding (Jio Call Divert) 2022

Do you want to forward your Jio calls to different numbers on some occasions that you can’t take calls? Jio has Jio call forwarding services like any other network provider. Activate and deactivate (switch off) call forwarding is pretty easy with Reliance Jio. Here is all the possible way you can activate and deactivate Jio call diverting. All Jio call forwarding/diverting codes are available.

Activate Jio Call forwarding Using Call Settings

To forward call or divert call, you need to have a phone with a call forwarding feature. so this is handset dependent feature. You can activate the Jio call divert service from the handset settings section. For this just go to settings and then navigate to call and select advanced settings and select call forwarding.

Settings—> Call—> Advanced Settings —> Call Forwarding

If you cannot find call settings, then use the search settings box as seen below image.

These settings may be different on different handsets. If you cannot find any call settings in the settings tab, just search with “call forwarding” in the search settings box and navigate to the tab. sometimes the settings may be in the system app section.

Jio call forwarding

Alternate Method to activate call forwarding using * codes [Jio call forwarding/divert codes]

Use these star codes for Jio call forwarding unconditional, no answer, busy, and no reachable respectively.

  • *401*<10 digit number>: For Call forwarding Unconditional, Just use this code to forward or divert all incoming calls to your Jio number to another number.
  • *403*<10 digit number>: Call forwarding, use this code, when you do not answer the call.
  • *405*<10 digit number>: Call forwarding -Call forward when your number is busy.
  • *409*<10 digit number>: Call Conditional call forwarding -when your number is not reachable, out of coverage, and mobile switched off.

For example: *401*903798XXXX, set call forward to 903798XXXX.

How to Deactivate Jio Call diverting Service

To Deactivate Jio call divert, you can do it by call settings from your handset. Just switch off call forwarding in settings.

You can deactivate the call forwarding from your Jio number, just by dialing the below-mentioned code.

  • *402 – Deactivate Unconditional call forward.
  • *404 – To deactivate when you set call forward for no answer.
  • *406  – To deactivate when you have forwarded calls when busy.
  • *410  – Dial this code to deactivate call forward that set when your Jio number is not reachable or switched off.
  • *413 – To deactivate all call forwarding.

Here is the simple to activate or deactivate Jio call forwarding or call divert service by yourself in your number. If this post was helpful for you, just share the post on social media.


It’s a great feature, the Jio call forwarding. So that you don’t need to miss any calls when you are not available at any time. If you’re a busy person, Businessperson, or a corporate job holder, any Job holder, can’t attend calls during your Job time, study time, etc. you don’t need to miss any calls coming to your Jio number. You can either forward it to other members of your family.

Make use of Jio call forwarding settings and keep holding your relationships.

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