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Jio Cloud App Download For Secure File Storage

Jio Cloud is the virtual cloud storage for all your media files. Highly secure storage you can trust. Just download and install Jiocloud app to manage your files, storage to make it better easy that you are doing via web browser. Get hassle free on media file transportaion. No need to store it in physical device and carry the storage device, instead just use JioCloud platform.

Get the modern storage of file storage with Jio Cloud app. The app is available to download and install for both Android and iOS smartphone users. The complete backup solution for all your digital files. You can use desktop version, so that just type in your web browsers like google chrome, JioBrowser, mozilla firefox, etc.

APK Size17 MB
Last Updated1 October, 2023
Total Downloads10 M+

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jio cloud app download

Jio Cloud App Features

  • Store any format of media files like photos, all type image files like jpeg, png, psd etc, document files such as doc, pdf, xls, audio files , video files, contacts of any file size. There is no size limit you can store. These files type of any size can store on JIoCloud.
  • Universal access is possible, Access your files, from smartphones, desktop computers, even from your TV.
  • Zero click features allows you to make auto backup your files. For this, you just need to enable auto backup, and this feature will automatically keep your phone data safe on cloud storage.
  • By File Grouping feature, you can easily find the files. Jio cloud group all the files stored on on the basis of file type.
  • JioCloud will store your all contacts. By enabling contact backup, you can make safe your contact book on JioCloud. no matter if you have lost your device. Your contacts book is safe there.
  • If you want to share and send the files to your friends, Jio cloud app have the easy option. Use share option to share and send files very quickly.
  • Create memory with JioCloud. For this, you can create a board, and then upload any files related to that. For example, if you are planning to have a trip. Then you are creating a board named “trip”, and then upload every photos, videos you are taken during the trip to that board. Now then easily find all the photos and videos related to the “board” from the section. You can then invite and add friends associated with that created board.
  • Jiocloud allows you 50GB free storage space on their cloud platform.
  • Realtime streaming is possible. you can watch videos, listen music online using the jio cloud without downloading it to your device. The app have in built media player for that.

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Get direct apk file from the above link.

Other Benefits

Refer & Earn Programm on the jio cloud is help you to earn money using Jio cloud. Just refer the app to the friends and families and when they begin to use Jiocloud, you will get paid. or you can get extra 50 GB storage on referring.

For More Information visit the link

You can access your files anytime anywhere from the world. If you have no mobile app, you can just go to the desktop and visit website and login with your user iD and password. Then access all your files and perform any operations like share, download, send etc.

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