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Jio Games – Download & Install For JioPhone

Video games are the indivisible part of any smartphone devices, even if it is a low end mobile or high end mobile. Reliance Jio have their apps available from playstore. But they have no any game developed for theu users. Jio Games are on the track, we can assume, the Jio developers may or may not have the plan to develop.  Jio Games are one app that allows you to play a bunch of games under that one application. You need not to find the right games for you.

Jio Games – For Jio Phone and Jio SIM inserted smartphones.

The small Jiophones are now ready to be built with the JioGames. The games installed on the Jio phone is called Jio game. Many users are playing the game very funny. The new version of games are available with Jio phone and Jio is on developing the Jio Phone 3 smartphone series and have in built installed Jio games for free.


  • Jio Games is an app for the users to play many games on that application itself.
  • You need not to search, install, and uninstall the games, instead this JioGames platform will have a bunch of games so that you can play as your favorite one on that platform.
  • In this platform, you can play a variety bunches of games such as racing, shooting, Actions, Casual sports, Arcade, board, adventure, educational, puzzle etc.
  • you will get quick access on games in just a single tap on the game name button.
  • This app is available and in built on all Jio phones. The playstore does not contain the Jio game application.
  • You need not to pay any amount while playing all those games, Play for free.
  • Updates are available if there are couple of games are added on Jio Games platform.
  • No need to sign up, you just have to insert Jio SIM on the mobile handset to enjoy the games free.

 Download Now

You need not to make any app permission, or any media permission in order to play the games on the platform. All the smartphone users are not allowed to install this. If your device is not compatible, the playstore page will show you that the device is not compatible to download and install JioGames on the device.

In short, When you go to the Jio games page on the google playstore from your high end smartphones, you cannot find the app, instead when you are visit the page Via the mobile phone of Jio brand, you can get download, install updates etc actions can be performed.

Why Not Available for smartphones.

The high quality smartphone users can be able to download and install many best games on their device. But Jio games are exclusively developed for the Jio phone users. That is a keypad mobile and not a smartphone. Now users are waiting for the Jio Phone 3 after Ji o phone 2, where the version 3 can be include in the smartphone category. not yet released the smartphone Jio phone 3.

How to download Jio Games on Jio handset

It is very easy to download, or install updates of JioGames. For this, go to any web browser available on Jio phone. and then go to the google, and search for Jio games. you can see the list of websites, and from there go to the playstore link. Now just tap on “Install” button. this button is only visible if you have not already installed the app, if you have installed, you can see “Update” if your installed app is out of date.

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