Jio Giga TV – Plans, Price, Offers, Online Registration & Booking.

Jio Giga Tv is the IPTV (Internet Tv) where the channels are in high definition pixel format available using Jio GigaFiber broadband connection. This is exclusive offer from Jio GigaFiber where you will get free GigaTV connection along with 4K set top box when you purchase GigaFiber. 600+ channels are available including both regional and international channels. This is another service you get in Landline-Broadband-IPTV combo of Jio Called Jio GigaFiber.

Giga Tv provides entertainment at it’s peak with it’s high quality video streaming. GigaTV is smart and nice when compared with traditional dth mode of channels streaming.

Jio Giga Tv Features

While using Fiber optics broadband as medium, Jio giga tv is built with awesome features.

  • 4K High Definition Channels – First ever 4k experience in india. 4K set top box is available with Jio GigaTV. Enjoy the experience in ultra definition.
  • GigaTV have best content library of favorite and funny apps, TV shows,unlimited videos etc
  • No any issue in rainy season. You may get service disturbed while on heavy rains when using DTH, but in GigaTV, you will not experience these issues.
  • GigaTV have feature to play, pause rewind the content whenever you want. So do not miss any of your favorite shows or programmes.
  • GigaTV remote is equipped with voice control. Use voice commands to control your TV.
  • Supports Video Calling – Enjoy high definition video conference call along with JioCall app. Make straight video call.

Giga TV Set Top Box

You will get 4K set top box when you purchase Jio GigaFiber (Giga TV). This is india’s first and very affordable IPTV set top box. Giga TV set top box is just like Jio DTH set top box having same function as DTH set top box. Voice command enabled remote control will get along with this set top box.


  • Giga tv set top box is connected with GigaFiber router to provide live tv channels.
  • Set top box have voice command remote controller to control your TV
  • Enable to connect VR handset to the set top box.
  • They are likely to introduce IP multi-casting technology, so the users can be able to enjoy Internet TV without data exhausting.
  • USB port is available on Giga Tv set top box

Jio GigaTV Online Registration and Booking

We know, Jio GigaTV is not a separate service and is the additional service you ca enjoy along with Jio GigaFiber. You will get all these set top box needed to have gigatv when you purchase Jio GigaFiber connection. All you will get giga fiber router, jio gigatv set top box, remote control, fixed landline for the refundable cost of Rs 4500 INR.

So to book online all these service, just visit this link and register there

You can book Jio gigaTv Via the official website of Jio. go to the above link and you will get a registration and booing page as shown in below.

jio giga tv booking

In that page, you can give your current address, if it is work addrss or home address, just specify that in the radio button below. Aboe the page, you can see a pop up, that gives you the choice of “allow access location” & “Don’t allow”, you can do whatever you like. If you select allow,the google map will access your current location and so Jio executives to identifies your location.

Once your location have the Jio gigaFiber service avalable, you can purchase the service. Now selected cities are available and will spread all the cities in india.

How To Apply GigaTV through MyJio App

You can apply GigaTV or gigaFiber through my jio app installed on your smartphone. For this, open my jio app on your smartphone. then move the upper banners to right and select the JioFiber banner and tap on the banner. when tap on the banner, you will get redirected to the JioFiber booking page. enter your address and click confirm button and proceed other OTP procedures to book your GigaFiber cum GigaTV connection.

giga tv booking Via MyJio app

The same fill up form can be open Via this my Jio app, so that you can fill as same procedure above to book Jio GigaTv connection online from your smartphone.

Jio GigaTV installation

You need not know anything after registration process. You will get contact from nearest Jio dealer, and they will contact you and do all the installation related to Jio GigaFiber, GigaTV and fixed landline. You need not to pay any extra amount for this.

Jio GigaTV Launched

Jio gigaTV has been launched august 12, 2019 in india. Initially selected cities are chosen to provide the service and Jio is very fast in work to provide in almost all the cities. so we can except the complete availability (nearest to your cities if now not available) very soon within this year ends.

we will publish the jio gigaFiber (GigaTV) available cities soon in our blog section.

Jio GigaTV plan, Price and Offers

We know the cost of the gigatv from above section. Now we are going to discuss the plans and pricing to enjoy Jio GigaTV.

jio giga tv plans and offers

There is no separate charges needed to enjoy giga tv channels rather than just having gigafiber plans. You should have an active giga fiber plan to enjoy the giga tv channels.

As now available GigaFiber offer, you will get 3 months free subscription on Jio GigaFiber broadband connection with 100 GB per month data. so you will get 300 GB for 3 months. 100 GB is the monthly quota. So, you can enjoy the giga tv until the data exhaust. You can do top up recharge if data exceeded before the date of expire.

After the preview offers are not available. But when we are getting cheap and best offers from reliance Jio, we can have different plans and price according to plans and duration.

Final Words:

Giga Tv will be best experience for you to set up a home based theater. you can enjoy high definition pixel format along with crystal clear sound clarity. When you are using a perfect LED tv that connected with GigaTV and a best sound system, you can recreate a top class theater at your home. No any issue if bad whether, you can enjoy videos, tv channels, movies etc all time. Jio giving you refund of you deposited when you need not their service. They are giving such offer because they have trust in their service. You will sure like the service. Apart from this, you can enjoy high speed internet and video call enabled fixed landline etc. Since this is the best in class service for all customers.

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