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It is very important to keep our smartphone from malicious virus infection. To secure both our smartphone and files, here download Jio Security app on your smartphone. More protection on your data and smartphone. JioSecurity APK for android. latest version available for free.

APK Size:23 MB
Last Updated26 August 2020
Total Downloads10M+

Here is the direct Download link for JioSecurity app. Safe to download apk.

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jio security app download

JioSecurity Features

  • Protecting your phone and its data from malware & Ransomware.
  • Enable your smartphone a secure way to access internet and protect from virus spread via internet.
  • By records, there are millions of malicious apps, Jio security provides protection from all these malicious apps.
  • Helps you to advice the perfect apps to install, and keep you away from thousands of data consuming apps.
  • Helps you to browse on internet with safe. Ensure protection from virus, malwares, fraudulent websites, trojans etc.
  • Anti-theft Feature: If your smartphone lost or stolen, then Jio security app will helps to remotely locate your smartphone. To locate your smartphone, just visit this link.
  • Protect up to 10 devices if you are not even using Jio Sim on your smartphone. So this app is cross sim connection compatible. No matter which SIM card you are using.
  • Link guard protection is available, no need to worry any malicious links that are coming as text messages, email or any other sources. it will be scanned by the app, and let you know it is safe or not.
  • When stolen, the app will remotely lock your phone.
  • Scanning all the apps before it is downloading and installing on your smartphone.
  • Unwanted calls and messages will be blocked by jio security and provide protection from anonymous calls.
  • Protect from unsafe wifi connection.


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How To Activate Jio security app?

Just download and install JioSecurity apk from the link given above or from google play store. Once , you have installed, You need it to be activated to protect your smartphone completely. If you are a Jio SIM user and accessing Jio network, you can simply activate by selecting “skip sign in”, since using Jio network, it will automatically activated. And if you are non- Jio SIM user, You need jio id and password to activate Jiosecurity app.

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