jio tv app review

Jio Tv App Review – 100 Millions + JioTV Downloads

Reliance Jio is the fastest growing company in India. They are now on the top of popular companies in India, by providing better service for their customers. They are selected top and the service sections that love people to get millions of business. As the leading business man in India, Mukesh ambani owns the Jio business concerns, he knows how to build a business from the scratch and make it big success. A huge investment was done by mukesh ambani for their new ventures. We are here going to have Jio Tv app review, the best ever tv channels streaming app from reliance Jio, now crossed 100 million downloads from google playstore.

Jio Tv app Review

Some years ago, The only way of getting the communication was on phone calls. That time the smartphone was in its stage of growing. when the smartphones up to the height, the internet usage increased, and phone calls were increased. The companies started charging both call and data tariff plans very well. That was very huge for the people. They recharged the data pack, voice calls and message pack differently. So the users tend to recharge for each and every offers, and obviously for that reason, they tend to spend very huge amount of rupees for their mobile usage.

This was the story, and the Jio group when determined to get in to the market, they analyzed all the data.

But all the things has changed. Jio’s owner Mukesh ambani, has brilliance in his business. Have huge experience in business. He well planned how to become a best in the Jio business plans. This is because there were in the market already well known companies are playing good with their services. The biggest brands in the markets like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL etc giving their service, high speed 3G data to the customers. But Jio has good plans how to compete with them. Since this is very competitive field, Jio have to give some extra to get millions of customers because they are investing Millions of rupees for this project.

When Jio Launched, they gave 6 months free data and voice calls for the users. They gave high speed 4G VoLTE service free. so many millions of users get their Jio SIM for initial somewhat of 200 INR. So many people blamed that the users will throw their jio sim after completing 6 months free offer. But there was the deal started, Within six months, Jio gave users high class services, high speed data that other competitive companies cannot offered for their users. All the people likes their services and they offered free voice and sms after that with just one month data recharge. Now Recharge card has abolished. Thus Jio makes huge market in India.

So many other services jio planned along with 4G VoLTE. They offered many apps for the JIo users like Jio TV app, MyJio, Jio4GVoice, JioChat, JioMusic etc.

Here in the section below, we covering the best services in the entertainment section By Reliance Jio.

More than 100 Million Downloads from playstore

JioTv is the fastest just behing MyJio app that gets 100 Millions of downloads from google playstore. The 100 M downloads exceeds in 2018 and now the count is increasing. This is the unique app that gets much more users all over india. Almost all Jio SIM users using JioTv app with their smartphone. In addition to the android users, the apple iPhone users are downloading the app from apple iStore.

Jio Tv App – Entertainment For Jio SIM Users.

Everyone loves to watch TV, the best entertainment. We all have dreamed that where can we able to watch TV channels long years ago. That dream came true as smartphones and it’s operating systems has got such development. But again, because of the premium charges (comparatively high), the normal users can’t afford that.

jio tv app download

But Jio again got popular in this section too. They developed the app called Jio Tv app for their SIM users. Developed for both Android and iOS smartphone users to watch Tv channels with their mini screen device. The service is completely free. almost all the paid channels available on Jio Tv app with very good interface. That’s why Jio tv apk got millions of downloads within short time period. No any premium charges applicable. The Jio SIM users with their active data recharge pack can enjoy the channels for free. No any legal issue. this is very better since many users are using some of the apps that provides copyright contents via loophole and that apps are very illegal to use and will harmful in means of legal issue. Jio have partnership with the biggest channels networks in india and hotstar, thus they provide contents for their users.   Really this is the best app in the entertainment category and followed by other apps like Jio cinema app and JioSaavn (Earlier JioMusic). Jio tv provide contents or channels very safe and because of Jio is 4G network, the app was specifically and specially developed to work with their network. so, the users of other networks like idea, airtel, vodafone, bsnl users cannot use jio tv app with that networks.

Jio Tv Features

You may have doubt that the users while using 2G or 3G enabled smatphone users, how to watch the Jio Tv app with their smartphone. They want to upgrade their 3G phone to 4G (means buying new phone). But no need for that. Jio well planned for that also. When Jio launched, at the same time they have launched one router device – a small device – that will provide wifi JIo network by inserting Jio SIM card on It. and the device name is JioFi portable router. Using which, the JIo wifi network , connecting to the 2G or 3G smartphone, the users can install Jio tv app on 2G or 3G smartphones and can watch tv channels. In order to recognize the JIo network, the users want to download and install one other app on their smartphone. And the app name is JioCall App (Formerly Jio4GVoice and before this name JioJoin app). Thus the users who can’t buy new 4G smartphone can watch in their low smartphone too. Bu that was at the time of launch, no all the smartphone launching in the market are 4G enabled with VoLTE feature. Picture In Picture Features: Jio tv app is now pip featured. means picture in picture features where you can watch the channels on Jio tv app even when you are using another application simultaneously. The player will float around the other apps, so that you can watch tv channels even when you are using another application.

Real Time Streaming Sports Events

Jio have customized channels in the app list. you can see the list of customized channels exclusively for the users. Whats are the customized channels that you can see in the app.

Jio Cricket


Jio cricket is the special channel available on Jio tv android and iOS application. You can enjoy all the tournament on cricket Via Jio cricket channels. JioCricket channels comes in 5 different channels. They all have the cricket matches and the replay of the important tournament. Channels available on Jio Tv are

  1. JioCricket HD
  2. JioCricket-1 HD
  3. JioCricket-2 HD
  4. JioCricket-3HD
  5. JioCricket HD (In Hindi)

All these channels are available all the time. All the tournaments can be enjoyed Via JioCricket channels. Both international ODI, Tournaments from abroad, Renji Tryphy tournament etc, live streaming available with JioCricket Channels.


Jio Football comes in three channels . The live streaming of football matches playing Via JioFootball customized channels on JioTv application.

  1. JiofootBall HD
  2. JioFootball 1
  3. JioFootball 2

are three channels available. the users can watch the live matches in high definition pixel format. apart from the live matches, important match replays, old match etc can be enjoy Via JioFootball.


Jio tv is the only smartphone application available in India to watch 600+ Jio Tv channels online with smartphone. No additional charges rather than your data recharge. Along with the indian regional and international channels Jio’s Own customized channels are available. From the news desk, Jio going to launch the channels for music, comedy etc . Using Jio Tv is worthy to add the entertainment for your life. Jio improving their user interface and the channels number in each and every updates.