jio tv camera review

Jio Tv Camera Review – Features, Resolution & Setup Guide

To enhance your video calling experience, Jio have an exciting gadget for you. And that gadget is Jio tv camera. Experience great when making a video call to your beloved ones using Jio tv camera. It makes your beloved ones near you. Today in this post, You can read complete Jio Tv camera review, it’s features, device specifications and setup guidance etc.

What Is Jio Tv Camera? – Jio Tv Camera Review

Jio TV Camera is a USB webcam gadget that can be attached to your television set to make video calls possible with full screen. It enables video to Jio customers only, and audio calls to all mobile networks and landline numbers. It’s very nice when making video call with full width TV camera. You can meet your beloved ones near to your when making calling on TV screen.

Rather than using a camera on your smartphone, Reliance Jio offering a camera fixed on this gadget to make extra full clarity video calls. A camera fixed on a box and can connect to a set top box to make high quality video calls. Clip this camera on the top of your Television screen and you can enjoy TV to TV video calling. Connect your VoLTE smartphone to JioTv camera, through Jio STB and enjoy crystal clear video conference calls.

Features Of Jio Tv Camera

Jio TV is makes very special because of the following features:

  • Full screen TV to TV video calls
  • Simple plug and play method to operate
  • No special installation required
  • Simply plug in the USB end of the camera to the USB port of the Set Top Box
  • You can place camera at any angle
  • Wide angle of view
  • 120 degree Field of View so that extended family can fit on the camera
  • This gadget is simply portable
  • Camera lens safety cover is there on the device
  • Cable length is good to move it to certain distance

Device Specifications

ProductJio Tv Camera
Camera 118mm*37.2mm*30.8mm
Sensor1 /2 .7 inch CMOS sensor

Jio Tv App Download For Android

What is the Jio Tv Camera resolution

Most of the people want to know the resolution of Jio Tv camera to know how they can enjoy in crystal clear video call. Jio Tv camera have focus lens 3.1mm,and Jio not revealed the megapixel resolution along with the product description. But when external checking we have analyzed Jio tv camera have resolution of 48 megapixel picture quality.

Jio Tv Camera Price

The newly launched Jio TV camera is price is 2999 Indian rupees. There is EMI of 141 available to purchase. You will get one year warranty from Jio Company when purchasing this gadget.

How To Setup Jio Tv Camera

In section you can learn how will learn how to setup and start Jio TV camera and JioCall App on SET TOP BOX.

  • Place the camera on the top of your television or in front of the television for easy reach to your Jio Set Top Box.

Note: This camera has an inbuilt microphone

  • Connect the camera to the Set Top Box using the USB end.
  • Reboot your Set Top Box.
  • Make sure your television is switched ON and Set Top Box is connected.
  • Then click HOME button ,go to the home page of Jio Set Top Box and launch JioCall App.
  • JioCall App will prompt to allow for permissions.
  • Click on NEXT/ ALLOW to complete the process.
  • You will now prompted for the OTP process to register the landline number on the JioCall app on Set Top Box.
  • And soon you will receive an OTP number on your registered phone number.
  • Keen the OTP through your remote and press proceed to complete the registration process.
  • Now you will see the JioCall app home page with MENU on the left side of the screen.
  • Here you will find the contacts , dailer, call logs, My account, Settings sub menu.
  • Also you can use the contact download features to import contacts from your mobile to TV.
  • Now you can make voice or video calls to any Jio number and audio calls to any mobile number or landline numbers easily.
  • Simply use the dailer to dial the number and select voice or video call option to make a call.
  • You can make a call through contacts lists or call log.
  • Also it is possible to set up your phone book on the TV using the contact share features.


Jio Tv camera is the new mode of making video conference calls with Jio StB and JioCall mobile application. All set to give best experience while making a video call with Jio tv camera. I am sure you will definitely love with it’s features and camera resolution quality.