jio wifi router review

Jio WiFi Router Review – Portable 4G Pocket WiFi Router & HotSpot

JioFi- Jio WiFi Router

Reliance Jio have a good WiFi gadget JioFi to create a small WiFi network for small scale usage. JioFi is a small portable WiFi device where the users can insert Jio SIM with a data plan and enjoy WiFi network. This device is very cost effective and portable. Great features and specifications that rule out the old age net setters. Jiofi is very apt for those professionals who want to get connected with internet even when they are traveling. JioFi ensures high speed 4G network all the time since Jio have it’s towers fully equipped with 4G VoLTE. Read jio wifi router review here.

Jiofi Router Overview – Jio wifi hotspot Device

We all are getting now the brief about JioFi or Jio WiFi router. This is a hot spot device that will help you to get connected to internet where ever you are.. If you are on home, or traveling, you are in office, you can connect with internet. This is a portable hotspot device and so you can get it anywhere without spending much space on your car or any. Let we see how a portable JioFi hotspot Device device look like. jiofi router review This is how a JioFi router looks like. From the image above we can see the indications on the face side of the device. on the top left, you can see the signal strength bars. It is looks like signal bars in our smartphone. It shows the signal range. When there is good signal, then the bars will appears in green color. If there is average signal strength, it will appears in blue colored. And very poor signal strength, you can visible as red color. Just rights side of the signal bars, you can see download/ upload indicators, and then WiFi indicator then. Just right side of the power button, you can see the battery indicators which shows the charge status on the JioFi Battery.

Features Of Jiofi (Specifications)

  • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Can be connected up to 10 devices (Jio Says Upto 20 Devices)
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • Cover up to 2 rooms with a powerful signal
  • 2300mAh Battery used to give 6 hours of backup
  • Along with sim slot, sd card slot  available in jiofi router
  • Make HD Video and voice conference in 2G or 3G smartphone along with Jio4GVoice app and JioFi.


Here in this section we are here looking the details of jio WiFi jiofi design specification. We already saw the image of jiofi router adapter. Within JioFi unpack box, when we open we will get JioFi router, battery 2300 mAh, USB Adapter, USB Cable, user manuals and warranty card.  SSID and Password details are mentioned on the box pack. it is very compact. The JioFi is build with plastic body outside. Removable;e battery and power and signal indicator. There is a power button on the top of the device. Just long press on that button to power on as we do on mobile devices. To turn off, just do same long press on that button. There is usb port on the top of the device.

Types Of jiofi devices

There are different types of jiofi routers

  1. JMR 540 – This is a type of JioFi device, you can get this device for 1999 INR along with data
  2. JioFi M2 – You can buy this device for 1999INR with data.
  3. Router M2S Black – You can best buy this device for 999 INR. You need to buy data pack extra.
  4. Router JMR 1040 White – With 60% off, you can own this device for 999 INR.
  5. Router JMR 1040 Black – For 999 INR.
  6. Router JMR 541R Black – For 999 INR.

With jiofi modem, you can use it with 2g enabled mobile handset. You can get the high speed internet on 2g mobile thus you can install jio tv application on your 2g smartphone and can watch the channels without any buffering issues.

JioFi Admin Area Management – http://jiofi.local.html login

Here is the jiofi.local.html login steps where all whole jiofi router management can be done. In order to change the network name, we commonly called SSID. Renaming the SSID or network name and changing the password to enter the network is so easy with the admin section. while after getting connecting the device, with the help of a web browser, the owner of the JioFi can be enter the dashboard. by visitting the url aka in case of the router we called ip adress to manage all that we want to accordingly.

Covert Non-VoLTE Enabled Smartphones VoLTE Enabled

If your smartphone is not VoLTE enabled (2G/3G smartphones), then you can still then make HD video and voice call with JioFi and Jio4GVoice (Now JioCall) app installed on your smartphone. Jio4GVoice app installed on your smartphone will identify the Jio SIM inserted on JioFi, and will connect with the SIM. Now using the app you can make high definition video and voice calls. You need to get connect with the device with OTP verification. Now make calls, sent messages etc.

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