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JioFi is a small router from Jio to create a WiFi network. Using Jio SIM (With active data recharge) inserted on sim slot of the device, you can create a small wifi network that can connect up to 15 devices. jiofi.local.html is the router admin panel login address which is similar like You can login to the admin panel of JioFi and can manage SSID, Password etc. Here you can learn in this post how to manage Jiofi admin panel.

What is JioFi.Local.Html?

JioFi.Local.Html is the address that helps you to access the admin dashboard of Reliance Jio WiFi router called JioFi. This Small Wifi router developed by Reliance Jio communications to get create a small WiFi LAN for a small scale business or for a home purposes. Here in this post, you will learn everything related to JioFi and jiofi local html admin panel and the settings.

Setting up jiofi wifi around your business or your home. Since Jio is well known for providing high speed internet in 4G speed for very cheap cost, it is better to use such WiFi for your needs when compared to buying other high cost broadband services.

What Can We Do With JioFi Router Admin Panel?

By accessing the admin dashboard can quickly change default password, network name, Internet protocol, Proxy, LAN, WAN, network management and security options. It is the page where you can actually bring any change.

What is JioFi Router?

JioFi is a small portable WiFi router By Reliance Jio. By inserting a Jio SIM card on it’s slim slot with a valid data pack, you can create a small WiFi network that can connect up to 20 devices. JIoFi router have much more versions. You can buy JioFi without any big budget. Just insert your Jio SIM on it, and using which you can make video calls, voice calls, send messages using Non-VoLTE smartphone by installing Jio4gvoice app on it. You need Jiocall app configure with JioFi device to enjoy the service.

How To Access JioFi.Local.Html Admin Panel On your Device?

To access the jiofi.local.html router admin page, Just open a web browser and in the address bar enter jiofi.local.html (Or the default web address of almost all kind of routers) and hit enter key. Make sure that, you should turn on JioFi WiFi router and the JioFi router must be connected to the device that you are trying to access the admin page. If you are trying to access the web page on a desktop computer, your JioFi device should be connected to the desktop computer via a WiFi Hotspot. If not connected, you cannot connect.

In Simple–>

Open Web Browser –> Enter jiofi.local.html (Or –> Hit Enter Key.

When hiting enter key, you will get JioFi router admin page. Now you need to login with user iD and password to get the admin dashboard of JioFi Router.

JioFi.Local.Html Login

When you get the Jiofi webpage, now you need to login to the admin panel. To login, just click the “Log In ” link that you can see in the top right corner. when clicking you will get the login page to enter user iD and password.

use UserId as “administrator” and

password as “administrator” and click login button.

Now you have logged in to the JioFi router admin page.

Change Username and Password of JioFi Router

It is very easy to change the default username and password of JioFi system login. To change JioFi router username and password, login to the Jio admin page, then go to settings (that can see top menu bar), and from the left corner select LAN Info.

To change the SSID and password,

Go to settings, then select WiFi configuration from the left side, and edit the SSID field in the dashboard as your desired name , and below that you can see Password Field. Just edit and change the password, and then apply and proceed.

change Jiofi username and password


It is benefit your network will be secure while you are changing your JioFi username (SSID) and password.  This is very important. Just remember username and password.

You can change the SSID and password just by connecting Via Personal computer, but you can do same connecting your smartphone too. For this, connect smartphone with JioFi WiFi. after connecting, open any browser, and enter Jiofi.local.html in the address bar and login with default user id and password as “administrator” and change SSID and password. If you are experiencing any issues on network speed, then check the jio apn settings on the JioFi admin panel properly configured.

Here is the official video that will help you to get change JioFi SSID and password.

Connect JioFi to desktop or Laptop using WiFi

Now we are going to connect Laptop or desktop computers to JioFi device using WiFi.

Before that, you need to get SSID and password of the corresponding JioFi device. For that, Just open the back cover of the device. then remove battery. Then you can see there SSID and Password. Just note those in a separate paper and then insert Battery and back cover.

jiofi ssid and password

First Insert Jio SIM on JioFi device (Sim slot) and turn On it. Make sure the signal strength indicator shows in “Green” to make sure excellent signal. Now click on the WiFi option that can see in the bottom right corner of task bar. The system will identify all the available networks.

connect Jiofi to pc

Now from the list, just click the device SSID. So you will have provided a field to enter JioFi password in order to get connected.

Just enter the password that you have noted and then click connect button. The you will be connected to JioFi network and start browsing.

JioFi Device Specifications

Device TypeWiFi Router
Sim SlotNano SIM
Connect DeviceUp to 20
FDDLTE (2300/1800/850MHz)
SD CardAvailable
Pack Content1 JioFi Router & 1 Charger

Jio SIM Configuration & Calling

Now, you will learn how to configure Jio SIM with JioCall or Jio4GVoice app inserted on JioFi.

  1. First insert SIM on sim slot and turn On the device.
  2. Now install Jio4GVoice /JioCall app on your smartphone.
  3. Connect to JioFi WiFi network.
  4. When installing and open the app, you will have different option, and select to configure Jio SIM on JioFi device.
  5. The Jiocall app will recognize the Jio SIM and register.
  6. Then you will get OTP to your registered mobile number. Just enter the OTP on provided box, and the Jio SIM configuration completed.

Final Words:

JioFi is the perfect device to make a small wifi network under 4G network. To make sure your network is secure, make sure to change the username and password of JioFi admin panel. Make use of Jiofi.local.html to manage everything that you need to change.

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