JioFiber Broadband – Online Registration, plans, Offers

After successful lauching Jio 4G VoLTE, Jio have one another high speed internet in broadband section for the users. High speed FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) optical fiber cable broadband launched in india during last independence day celebration 2019. This FTTH high speed broadband named JioFiber most featured with optical cable as medium. So let’s assume how will have it by means of download and upload speed. Jio GigaFiber formerly JioFiber, but now known JioGigaFiber.

What is JioFiber?

JioFiber is the broadband service that operates based on optical fiber cable to provide high speed internet connection. This service is exactly suitable for all kind of users. For small business to high business concerns can make use of jio gigafiber for their use. Ultimate aim of jio gigafiber is to provide ultra fast internet connection both download and upload, very effective and secure. Rather than using traditional cable as medium, Jiofiber uses FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) as medium which is the high speed transfer medium as known at present.

Now at present GigaFiber introduced in selected cities in india, and will spread whole in coming days.

JioFiber Features

  • High speed broadband speed up to 1GBPS. This is as high speed that any other competitive providers not provide for the users.
  • GigaFiber is equipped with Giga IPTV (Internet TV), where users can watch tv channels via this broadband connection. Separate set top box is there for IPTV. So users can enjoy high definition TV channels online.
  • Users can get fixed landline with GigaFiber and using Jio4GVoice (Now JioCall app), they can make video calls using this fixed landline. This is new feature of GigaFiber.
  • Since providing high speed data, video conference calls should be very high quality. You may never experience any noise while having video conference calls. Can be use for business related conference calls.
  • Virtual reality, gaming and shopping.
  • Cheap and best boradband connection when compared to similar kind services in india.

JioFiber Router & GigaTV Set Top Box

Users will get JioFiber Router (Modem) and Jio GigaTV set top box (with remote control) when purchase JioFiber connection. Jio GigaFiber router or modem called Jio GigaHub is a WiFi enabled router. Jio GigaHub ONT (Optical Network Terminal) Device will get installed in your home, office or business place by the jioFiber Executives.

GigaFiber Router Device have:

  • Port to connect a fixed landline
  • One WPS button
  • 4 LAN Ports
  • Power Button
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 PON Port
  • WPS Reset Button

GigaTV Set Top box is the device to receive the channels from GigaFiber. GigaTV 4K set top box and remote control is available along with the GigaFiber connection. There is no separate charge needed to pay for the gigaTV connection. all those gigaTv service is including in the gigafiber connection. Users can enjoy 600+ channels in Jio gigaTv.

How To Buy Jio GigFiber? – Book Now

Here in this section we help you to but jio gigafiber by just applying online via online form.

Jio GigaFiber online booking has started. Just registering on their online portal you can make sure the gigafiber connection for you.

Here is the simple 3 steps to register Jio GigaFiber Via online portal

Step 1: Open up any of web browser and enter the web portal address on address bar

Step 2: Enter your address that in provided box, you can also set your current location via google map. and chose the option word address or home address from below. Then click on Confirm Button.

Step 3: When you hit confirm button, you will get redirected to the next page and you need to enter some personal information like name, email address, phone number etc. and you will get OTP to confirm the mobile number.

jiofiber registration

Jio GigaFiber Preview Offers, Plans and Pricing

From The Reliance jio desk, the news has came the initial plan and price of the reliance jio gigafiber broadband is amazing . And they are offering very most attractive offer, Look below offer preview chart. jio broadband welcome offer is amazing. This is preview offer, the users will get the offer when they buy Jio GigaFiber.

jiofiber offers and plans

Reliance jio fiber offering 100 GB Per Month with speed of 100Mbps with zero payment for the first 3 months. This is the welcome offer of reliance jio fiber broadband. This is huge offer where no any other broadband companies can offer. This offer will be suitable for all the types of users across the country.

Jio Digital tele services, The reliance jio already made announcements about the new technology fiber based high speed broadband coming soon on market. The very exciting news for internet lovers since jio is the best to give cheapest services such as jio dth service, jio tv (jio sim) and more and more. Jio fiber, jio broadband service brand name.

The brand name of jio broadband is jio fiber. The welcome offer of jio is jio giga fiber speed and can be enjoy the super speed internet. Jio has completed the testing of jio broadband on the location of delhi and somewhere. The latest report from the jio circle is that the testing was completed successfully and will be launch soon for the users. But some of the news saying that the jio broadband will launch during the diwali season by source the new indian express.

what to do if you exceeds 100 GB data in a month?

If you have exceeded 100 GB (Provided data) within one month, you can recharge extra top up voucher, and recharge can done via MyJio app or their official website

Jio broadband plan and offer

The major news portal on india reported that, the the broadband by jio called jio fiber will be launch during the diwali and the plan , offer and price for the plan are awesome. From the desk, we have got the information as Jio is to offer 100 GB of data with broadband for the only 500 rupees. This offer is awesome as compared to the any other existing broadband plan in india.

Jio fiber is a home based broadband service by jio telecom.

Download Speed of JioFiber

Jio fiber broadband announces the 100GB data for 500 indian rupee and the download speed will be 100 mbps for the customers. Definitely the announced plan will make a huge impact on the broadband market in india. The other companies will be likely to reduce the rate of their broadband plan according to jio fiber. Enjoy speed of jio fiber broadband.

watch a short video on jio fiber broadband(jio gigafiber)

Jio GigaFiber Launch Date

JioFiber FTTH broadband service has been launched in India during last september 2019 in selected cities. Jio will spread their service in other cities soon. You can contact nearest Jio store to know whether the GigaFiber is available in your area or can contact their customer care number at


This is toll free number, you can enquire more about GigaFiber just calling on the above number.

Cost Of GigaFiber Installation

You have to pay security deposit of 4500 INR when you purchase JioFiber connection. This is refundable amount. You will get this amount when you wish to discontinue GigaFiber connection and return back GigaFiber Router and other related gadget without any complaints. This is not a big amount when compared to the services available along with Jio FTTH broadband.

Final Words

Since speed of internet will improve the productivity, it is best option for us to chose Jio GigaFiber broadband for all purposes. All purposes since Jio is very cheap and best and affordable for small economic families.

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