locate phone using jio security app

How To Locate lost phone Using Jio Security App

Jio security app is the best anti virus app from reliance Jio for smartphone users. Unlike other anti virus apps, Jio security app have some more features that are bonus for you. locating the lost phone is the special feature for jio security app and is very useful. Here in this post, we are going to share the steps on how to locate lost phone using jio security app. You can simply locate your lost device, using and other smartphone, tablet or personal computer, if your lost phone have installed Jio security app in it.

To locate the lost phone, you need to remember your

  • Jio ID / Phone Number
  • Password

locate phone using jio security app

Follow these steps to locate your lost phone using Jio security app

  1. Visit this link https://my.norton.com/mobile/home and sign In with your Jio ID and Password in any of the device like desktop, tablet pc or smartphone which will get you Jio authorization server.
  2. After signed In, you can see “Locate Now” Button, Just tap on the button.
  3. When tap the button, the map will appears and show you the location of your lost phone.

Thus you can locate your stolen or lost smartphone using Jio security app. And you can also control or sent message, lock screen etc using the portal above mentioned if you have Jio security app installed on your lost phone.

Now lets look how to control your lost phone, sending messages, locking screen etc using another smartphone.

How to sent message, lock screen, scream and wiping data to Lost Phone From other mobile

You can sent message to your lost phone from other mobile. Just sent message in this format. And you need your 4 digit passcode.


Locate <space> ****

Lock <space> ****

scream <space> ****

Wipe <space> ****

Alternate method to locate your phone other than Jio security app (Using MyJio App)

You can locate your phone having Jio SIM inserted and logged in with Jio ID and password in Jio apps like MyJio, Jio Security etc. In this method, we use MyJio app, the gateway to reliance Jio digital world. MyJio app used to manage your Jio account, install Jio apps, Jio recharge , Jio care support , balance check etc.

To locate your phone using MyJio app, You just need to MyJio app installed on any other smartphone using your Jio ID and password.

When you logged in with Jio ID and password, Just tap side panel and select the profile that is in the lost phone. and select Locate My phone. Thus locate your phone using MyJio. Both locate format with Jio security and MyJio will be helpful for you.

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