solve network not available in Jio cinema app

How To Solve Network Is Not Available Error In Jio Cinema App

We know Jio Cinema is the best ever service that got much more popularity in india bacauase of many factors. Jio Cinema is not premium, its content is free if you are using Jio SIM services and have a valid data plan. The Jio cinema library have millions hour content, and since the jio is a 4G enabled network, the users will have smart and smooth streaming of the content like Cinema (Movies), TV Shows, video clips etc. But some users are getting some error while trying to watch the movies on Jiocinema. Here is the solution on how to solve network is not available error in Jio Cinema app in simple hacks.

You can follow the simple hacks here shared and to enjoy the movies , shows, TV shows, videos on Jio Cinema app. This is applicable on the smartphones and not for the Jio Cinema web version. The network not available error probably happens when you are trying to open the JioCinema app.

solve network not available in Jio cinema app

Here is the solution for

  • Network is not available when you are trying to open the Jio Cinema app.
  • Pop up with message “There was error connecting to the server” and take the user to the home screen of the Jio cinema app again.

Solution to fix network is not available error in Jio Cinema app

Before you are going to these steps, we strongly recommend you to update the Jio Cinema app to its latest version, since the app developers are updating the apk file regularly by fixing various bugs based on they are getting the user interaction from google play store. So make sure the Jio Cinema apk version to be latest.

  • Make sure you have the internet access of having speed minimum 1mbps speed. Since the app provides the streaming of the high definition videos, Movies, Shows etc. so speed of the network is must.Jio provides needed speed to operate all of its apps.
  • Check the internet connectivity of your device by checking opening any website on any web browser installed on your smartphone.
  • One of the possible way to fix this error is, by stopping or pausing all the activities, running apps that consumes more and more data and bandwidth like Video chatting, downloading content etc.
  • You can stop the running apps by going to the settings

Go To settings —>Installed Apps—>Tap on the running apps that consumes high band width like chat, download apps—>The select Force stop.

  • Once you have done the above step and then restart and your device and check by opening Jio Cinema App.

Other Possible Options you can check with this error is,

  1. Just uninstall Jio Cinema app and then re install the app by downloading Jio Cinema app, from this website (latest version always Updated), Or Via MyJio app or download from google play store.
  2. Turn on Air plane mode and turn off, and then open Jio cinema app.
  3. Check the APN settings, if you are using the dual sim enabled handset and dual sim inserted, make sure you are using Jio SIM Network for data as we know Jio Cinema only works with Jio SIM Data connection only. So make it sure you are using Jio data.
  4. Delete APN of Jio and then reset again and try to open the Jio cinema app.

Here we provided the solution while you are getting network not available Jio cinema app and these we have tested for our various customers and have got the solution to fix that problem. We hope this post may help you to get rid from the error while you are opening  Jio Cinema app.

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