share files using jioswitch app

How To Share Files Using JioSwitch app – Step By Step Process

We smartphone users, know about the apps that are useful for large size files sharing from one device to another very fast. We have Jioswitch app developed and launched by Reliance Jio for the users to share files in fast and secure way. Here in this post, you can read the step by step process to transfer or share files using jioswitch app.

share files using jioswitch app

The process is just the same as we are transferring files using the traditional apps like shareit, xender, MiDrop etc.

Steps To Use JioSwitch for files sharing

First of all, download and install jioswitch app on the smartphones you wish to transfer the files from and to. After downloading and installing the Jioswitch app, the follow these steps. transfer any small or big files like music, movies, pdf files, office files, etc

  1. First of all, you need to “TURN ON WIFI ” since the app uses wifi to transfer the files very fast. And make sure “TURN OFF DATA”
  2. Open Jioswitch app on both device. When open the app, the app itself will show, the model of the smartphone device and the name of the device that app installed.
  3. You can see two options on the screes “SEND” & “RECIEVE”
  4. On device one select “SEND” and in other device select “RECEIVE”.
  5. When you done the step above, the app will show 3 button, which platform used in your smartphone “” ANDROID, “iPHONE” or “OTHER PHONE” you can chose apropriate.
  6. Then the receiver phone will create hotspot automatically to connect the sender phone while the sender phone will search for the near wifi network. the phone will be connected when the wifi network created y validation, then click “CONTINUE” button.
  7. Next step is verification, the receiver phone will have one image and the sender device have a set of images that contains the image shown in the receiver phone. In sender device, you need to select the image shown in the receiver phone.
  8. After this verification, you can start sending files. There are 2 options, you can transfer contacts, call logs, messages or can be transfer media files. you can select “Skip to media transfer” to transfer files.
  9. If you want to transfer the contacts, messages, call logs etc you can use appropriate option.
  10. By selecting you can send the files with secure.

Final Words

Jioswitch have some more functions that any other similar apps lack. The validation and verification process is unique in jioswitch app. Via Jioswitch, the users can share and transfer the contacts, messages, call logs etc. There is no file size limit to transfer while using jio switch app, you can send large files though. Very easy to use interface so that the users with very little technical knowledge can use this app. Also the app is cross device compatible and cross platform compatible. so the files can transfer between android and iOS platform too.

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