what is jio postpaid plus

What Is Jio PostPaid Plus – Feature, Plans & Benefits

Jio has launched Jio Postapaid plus plans as an extension of postpaid plans. Do yo want to know more about what is Jio postpaid plus, plans, features etc. You are at the right place. Here I am going to talk about Jio postpaid plus plans in detailed. When turning in to Jio postpaid plus plans from ordinary Jio postpaid plan, users will get huge advantages over the services like data, talk time, premium apps, complementary Jio apps etc.

What Is Jio Postpaid Plus?

Jio postpaid plus is the subscription plan by Reliance Jio for their users so that they can pay the bill they have used at the end of month. This is as same as Jio postpaid but the users will get some of the advantages in their mobile pack like OTT platform apps, high speed internet, data rollover features etc. There are different pans are available a Jio users can select from their offers. you can select best offers or plans from that fit for your usage.

Jio postpaid plus plan was launched with an aim to offer India’s best postpaid service experience at most affordable prices. Jio postpaid plus includes subscriptions to video streaming services and Jio apps, data rollover and international calling benefits.

Features Of Jio Postpaid plus

There are so many features are exclusively available for Jio postpaid plus users.

Carry forward/Jio data rollover:- This is one of the main benefit a Jio postpaid plus users can get. What is meant by carry forward or data rollover. Suppose, if you have a data limit on your jio postpaid plus plan 4GB per day, and if you have only used 2GB in that day, then the remaining 2GB data will be added to usage for upcoming days usage. so in next day, you need to use 5 or 6GB data, you can use easily since you have balance unused data of previous day.

Data rollover up to 500Gb. The unused data in a month is rolled to the next month.

Get WiFi Calling Features if you have a supported device:- Wifi calling is tyhe new ear of video and voice calling where you can make video and voice calls even there is no any mobile signal. but you can make calls Via any wifi network around you. You need not wifi connection from Jio wifi device, but if you have wifi from any network, then you can make calls.

Note:- Not all the smartphones support WiFi calling. Check whether your smartphone supports wifi calling feature.

Get OTT Apps Subscription:- Jio postpaid plus plans users starting from 999INR plans, the users can be able to enjoy free subscription of OTT platforms such as amazon prime, netflix, disney+hotstar, discovery plus along with the Jio complementary apps like Jio tv app, JioCinema, JioSaavn etc.

Categories of Jio Postapaid Plus plans


  • International roaming and ISD- International calling and roaming at very low rates.
  • At first-ever-in-flight connectivity for Indian travelers who were travelling to abroad.
  • Free International roaming in USA and UAE
  • India calling @Re 1 with WiFi calling on international roaming.
  • International calling (ISD) starting rate @50p per Minute.


  • Free subscription for OTT app
  • Netflix (mobile) subscription
  • Disney +Hotstar VIP subscription
  • Amazon prime membership


  • Retaining existing number – While join to Jio Postpaid Plus Plan when retaining your existing number.
  • While switching your existing Postpaid connection to Jio  ,you can carry forward your credit.
  • Sim Home Delivery and activation.
  • Premium Call Center service.


At 250Rs connection the entire family can use the plan. That means, pay for one connection , and let the whole family can enjoy the benefits.


If you are planning to choose a postpaid plans rather than a prepaid plan, then Jio postpaid plus is best option for you. All that you wanted in one place whether it is for making calls, entertainment, data without limit, OTT apps, HD video and voice calls, conference calls etc.

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